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What Is Resistance Training?

Resistance training has so many names. To some, it is known as weight training while others are familiar with it as strength training.

Resistance training helps to increase the strength of muscles, ultimately improving endurance and power.

In addition to increasing muscle strength, embarking upon a course of resistance training can also increase bone density and reduce the amount of fat in the body. It can also improve the health of a person’s lungs and heart.

Resistance training is usually performed by pitting muscles against any weight like the dumbbell, barbell, and even a special type of rubber band known as a resistance band.

It is highly recommended to undergo this training at least twice a week. Resistance training is expected to work in all muscle groups of the body including the legs, hips, chest, back, arms, shoulders, and abdomen.

The basic principles of resistance training include the program itself, the weight or force the particular exercise acts against, exercise, repetitions, sets, rest, variety within the workout, the ‘overload’ principle and finally recovery.

The program is effectively a routine of activities, consisting of a list of different types of exercises like aerobic training, flexibility training, and strength training.

The weight is the resistance that the muscles will be working against used during a training session

An exercise is defined as a specific movement that will be performed to improve a particular muscle group.

Repetition is the number of times a particular exercise has to be repeated in a set which is the number of repetitions without taking a rest, the number of minutes of not doing anything between sets.

Variety represents a regular introduction of new types of exercises of weight during strength training to fine tune the results aimed for.

The overload principle is when a person reaches a certain point that means it is hard for him to perform another repetition.

Lastly, the recovery principle is the amount of time that the muscles need in order to repair and grow after working out.

Here is a list of ten sample exercises that are suitable for people looking to work out using the principles of resistance training. These exercises are:

  1. Leg abduction
  2. Leg adduction
  3. Plank
  4. Side plank
  5. Short arc squats (or wall slides)
  6. Straight leg raises
  7. Wall shin raises
  8. Heel step downs
  9. Arm raises
  10. Internal and external rotation.

So in summary, what is resistance training? Resistance training is a great approach to fitness, weight loss, and prevention of health complications.

It is one way to reduce the signs and symptoms of various diseases and chronic sickness conditions like arthritis, back pain, depression, and obesity.

Before starting and engaging in a program of resistance, it is advisable to first consult a physician to know if it is safe to embark upon your new fitness program.

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