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Types Of Resistance Training

Training is a term coined pertaining to a course in order to modify a person being’s approach, comprehension, ability, and actions. Therefore it is important to learn the different types of resistance training because a person’s need for a type of training may vary.

Resistance exercise is used to increase the potency and size of skeletal muscles. If properly executed, resistance training can give important functional benefits and enhancement in general health and well-being.

It is vital that a trainer is well knowledgeable to provide the right exercise, equipment, and training for every individual. There are 3 types of resistance training:

Isotonic Resistance

This happens when the weight remains the same even during the range of movements. It is the most common type of resistance training with regards to the use of strength. In this training, free weight such as dumbbell is commonly used.

During the Isotonic contractions, muscle length is usually changed. There are 2 kinds of isotonic contractions: the concentric contractions are apparent when a person is going in the opposite direction of the weight or the force of resistance.

It means the muscles shorten. Eccentric contraction means the muscles lengthens because the person is moving towards the resistance and the weight.

These are few sports that indicate the use of isotonic resistance training like basketball, squash, javelin and rock climbing.

Isotonic Resistance training

Isometric Resistance

Muscular actions are used in this type of training but movements or any action is not observed therefore there’s an absence in the shortening and lengthening of the muscles of an individual.

This happens on a fixed resistance. There are examples of full body exercise which include sub maximal muscle action: side bridge, plank bridge, and hundred bridge exercises.

Isometric Resistance training

Isokinetic Resistance

It is the latest form of resistance training which uses devices, equipment, and machineries to build up muscle and develop power by using the full range of motion.

It allows the person to train and practice on a stable speed and power against to the resistance and weight.

There is a rebound effect on the equipment and devices; it means the harder the person gave, the harder is the return.

This kind of resistance training will able for the repetition of certain sports actions and movements such as kicking and throwing.

After knowing the different types of resistance training not only the trainer but also you can choose which of these types do you prefer with your physical abilities.

But this will not end here as you can also schedule or combine these types of training depending on your capability and needs as an individual.

Isokinetic Resistance training

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