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TRX Suspension Trainer Review – TRX Reviews, Testimonials, and Opinions

In this TRX Suspension Trainer review, we’ll take an inside look at this popular bodyweight training system and attempt to provide you with a realistic idea of what kind of results you can expect. TRX training straps are used by individuals from all walks of life, from professional athletes to regular, everyday people who are just looking to get fit, and they have a long history of providing some pretty impressive results.

TRX Suspension Trainer Review – The Basics

TRX straps are an extremely affordable alternative to expensive gym equipment or costly fitness club memberships. They are capable of providing a world-class full body workout anytime, anywhere, and are also great for anyone who needs a way to workout while traveling.

While there’s little doubt that traditional bodyweight exercises such as push-ups and pull-ups are effective, the TRX Suspension Trainer takes bodyweight training to the next level. TRX straps will open up a whole new world of bodyweight workouts and allow you to work muscles that you were never previously able to target without the use of machines. The number of potential TRX exercises you can perform with these straps is seemingly endless.

Another big benefit of TRX training straps is convenience. Weighing in at less than 2 pounds, TRX straps pack down into an extremely small footprint making them idea for for traveling.

TRX Suspension Trainer Reviews – Customer Opinions and Testimonials

When it comes to TRX Suspension Trainer reviews by real-life customers, there’s no end. TRX training straps have a well-established history for delivering incredible results, and they’re used for everything from casual fitness training all the way up to professional level.

Below are TRX reviews and results from real-life people from all walks of life. If you have aTRX Suspension Trainer review that you would like to share, we would love to hear it as well. Simply submit it through the form at the bottom of this page!

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12 TRX Suspension Trainer Reviews Shared So Far…

  1. M. Thomas says:

    I’ve been using the TRX suspension trainer for about 3 months now, and I’ve been able to add a lot of muscle mass. They’re pretty amazing straps, and are a great way to turbocharge your bodyweight workouts. Highly recommended.

  2. Michael says:

    We have incorporated the TRX suspension trainer within several of our Spectrum Club facilities, and our trainers and members love it. I highly recommend the TRX!

  3. David says:

    Like most experienced strength and conditioning coaches, I’m wary of new training devices until using them myself and evaluating their efficacy. After using the TRX suspension trainer for over a year, I can honestly say the TRX is the real deal. I have used the TRX with a truly diverse population with the same results. The TRX can be utilized by the absolute beginner or the highest level athlete, and what’s truly amazing is that the beginner can be just as proficient as the professional athlete on the TRX. What other training tool can make that claim?

  4. Linsey Corbin says:

    TRX has taken my functional strength, core stability, and overall muscle health to a new level. It is part of my daily routine that also keeps me injury free. It’s great to take it on the road with me, as well as do it at home or at the gym. Ironman is so much more than swim, bike, run – I can’t imagine training without TRX.

  5. Chris Chorak says:

    We use the TRX Suspension Trainer as part of our patients exercise program and post-rehab with our cash-based fitness programming. The TRX allows us to use one piece of equipment across all ages and abilities for rehabilitation, injury prevention and fitness programs.

  6. Kyle Thorne says:

    The TRX is my favorite ‘utility player’ in the equipment bullpen. Your imagination is the only limitation on the possibilities with TRX. It saves space and provides incomparable return on investment. It’s a no brainer that everyone should add TRX to their programming.

  7. Darren Burgess says:

    I think Functional Training such as that offered by the TRX suspension trainer allows the players to improve their strength and power in a football-specific manner. Because there are no bars, plates or dumbbells the players can use their own resistance in any plane and any movement.

  8. Jason Brown says:

    Just tried out your TRX system. I freak in love it, and so does the rest of my team.

  9. Mike Morrison says:

    As a certified fitness and beach volleyball professional TRX suspension training has really allowed me to maximize my training time on and off the court. The TRX suspension trainer attaches perfectly to volleyball court poles and allows me to integrate more quality fitness training into my beach training several days per week. It’s also perfect for when I am on the road for weeks at a time and need to stay on top of my fitness. The TRX’s versatility is truly amazing.

  10. Carrie Sattler says:

    The TRX TEAM program as part of the TRX R4 solution has brought a whole new dimension to our clubs. It offered even more value than we expected with fully supported training, programming and marketing support. I would recommend any Personal Training department or club to look into the TRX R4 solution as it will add more to a facility, than any other training program. Overall, the bar has been raised at our company and we are thrilled with the program.

  11. Gregory Jarret says:

    The TRX suspension trainer is a perfect tool it allows individuals of different fitness levels to work out in the same environment. Everyone from the health seeker, to the individual looking for a great workout and even the person looking to take their fitness to the next level. TRX training has given us the means to truly impact our members by giving them the opportunity to transform their lives.

  12. Michael Leonard says:

    I first tried this system at a free training session at my gym. Instantly hooked. As a collegiate basketball player and avid fitness freak a lot of my time and effort for the past 10 years has been put forth into the grind of traditional free weights and various training styles. The TRX suspension trainer system gave my muscles a shock like never before and made me feel like i have never lifted in my life! Very versatile and probably the best piece of all around equipment to have or own. All athletes looking to improve there game , strength, agility, and flexibility should take a gander at this training!!!

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