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TRX bands the home gym of the future

The days of buying bulky home gym equipment are coming to an end. You no longer need a big fitness machine or large quantity of free weights and barbells to shape and sculpt your body. TRX bands are shaping the future of at home fitness and your body. Because exercise bands cost a fraction of the price, take up next to no room in your home and provide all the same benefits they’re the clear choice for a home gym system.

How exercise bands work

Resistance isn’t anything new in a workout system. If you look at the Bow Flex machine it’s entire system is based on resistance training. TRX bands take this same concept and make it portable.

When you purchase a TRX band home gym set, you receive several exercise bands of varying resistance. You start with the least amount of resistance for your exercises and work your way up as you become stronger.

Exercises are performed in a variety of ways. Some are done by standing with the band to create resistance to work your upper body, while others use a door anchor to secure the TRX band and work your legs and back.

What type of exercises can you do with TRX bands?

TRX band exercises duplicate almost every exercise you can do on a machine or with free weights. Of course, the technique is different but the muscle groups worked are identical. A simple example is the bicep curl. While you might use a free weight to curl your arm up, with exercise bands you simply stand on the band with one or both feet, grab both handles of each end of the band with one hand and curl.

The big benefit of using exercise TRX bands in your home workouts is that your muscles receive resistance during the full range of motion. With free weights and other home gym equipment, your muscles are only getting worked during the period that gravity is acting on the weight. Using an exercise band system and resistance training you’re muscle fibers are more easily sculpted and shaped.

Should You Consider buying TRX Bands?

For many reasons exercise resistance training is a better alternative to free weights. Especially for those that suffer from arthritis and other illnesses. However it’s not just limited to those people, if you’re looking for a way to keep your workouts up at home after you quit your gym membership then resistance exercise bands are a great solution.

Other people that should consider TRX bands as their home fitness solution are:

  • People looking to lose weight
  • People without a lot of space in their home or apartment to store fitness equipment
  • People who travel a lot and want something they can take on the road or vacation with them
  • More or less anyone who wants to stay fit by working out at home

There are endless possibilities to a TRX band set. From their cost savings to portability they are the perfect piece of home gym equipment. If you’d like to explore the possibility of purchasing exercise bands I suggest you visit our TRX STRAP STORE  where you will discover unbelievable products at truly amazing values!

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