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Rip60 Reviews On The Latest Suspension Training System

Rip60 workoutI love the names manufacturers are coming up with these days and Rip60 is no exception. As always when a new fitness product comes to market Rip60 Reviews (honest ones written by actual users) are rare and those that do exist are written by people who have no fitness qualifications and are only trying to sell you the latest fitness gadget.

So first a disclosure I do not have this product although I’d love to get hold of it but as I’ve said before I live in the UK and currently Rip 360 is unavailable to me, however, I can give an honest opinion on this equipment and if you have it please consider adding a review in the comments section below.

The Rip60 is a suspension training system that’s endorsed by Georges St-Pierre and Jillian Michaels of the biggest loser fame. It claims to be better than the P90X and the Insanity workouts although at $120 + S&H it’s a lot more expensive (if you shop around the P90X can be purchased for under $20).

Suspension training is highly effective and has been available for many years by the manufacturers of the TRX suspension system and it’s the system that most people will use to compare with the Rip360. The TRX Suspension Training Pro Pack is the closest match and that retails at $189.95 + S&H so the Rip360 does come a little cheaper.

The Rip60 will hook onto any door and will hold a person up to 300lbs and is made of high-quality aluminum and has heavy duty nylon straps which are guaranteed for life. It comes with 8 DVD’s one for each of the eight weeks of the program and 4 additional bonus DVD’s including Gillian Michaels and Georges St. Pierre Workout DVD’s.

Rip60 strapAll in all a great package but much depends on the quality of the equipment and the workouts. Many workouts in this type of package are impossible to follow and consist of elements cut and pasted together in order to bulk out the workouts.

If the equipment is of good quality and the DVD’s well put together and deliver a balanced program I’m sure this system will deliver great results. I love body weight training because it’s so effective and by adding an instability element by doing exercises suspended will deliver great results.

However, I don’t like the training schedule as much as the equipment because for the first three weeks you train every day for 5 days and rest on day 6 and 7 then for the next 5 weeks the rest periods are a little more mixed but still only allow 2 / 3 rest days.

I’d prefer to see workouts alternated with a rest day with no more than 3-4 hours of work per week.

Bottom line: As a training system suspension training works powerfully well as long as the equipment is of good quality, is safe and the workouts are challenging but balanced.

If you have first-hand experience with the Rip:60 please consider leaving a comment/review and help everyone make an informed decision on whether to purchase.

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