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 RIP60Rip:60™ is proved to make you a total-body transformation. Featuring our revolutionary rotating straps, 12 rip 60 workout DVDs, and one nutrition guide, the workout system combines the most advanced knowledge to deliver amazing results in just 60 days. Join MMA World Champion, Georges St. Pierre and World Famous TV Trainer, Jillian Michaels and get ripped right now!

Run faster, get stronger and jump higher with Georges St. Pierre in his workout DVDs! You’ll learn signature moves which deliver extreme muscle explosion for unbelievable results!

Rip60 features Suspended Rotation, the key to power so your body is made to stabilize and balance through rip workout. Engaging more muscles and building your core with every movement.

Can rip:60™ be used in my home?

Yes, the rip:60™ Trainer was designed to be used in the home by securing it onto a door. When securing the rip:60™ Trainer to a door, make sure the straps are pulling the door closed and appear on the opposite side of the door hinges. A ceiling mount is also available. Simply, secure the mount into a stud in the ceiling and connect the straps to the mount.

What can the rip:60™ Straps be connected to?

The rip:60™ Trainer can be secured to various objects, such as a playground set, tree, fence or basketball hoop. It can also be attached to an overhead bar or beam that will support your weight. When it comes to securing the straps, there are many possibilities; all it takes is a little creativity. With the rip:60™ Trainer, you can enjoy the versatility of indoor and outdoor workouts.

Who can use rip:60™? What physical condition do I need to be in?

Anyone, at any fitness level, can do the rip:60™ Trainer because of the optimization zone. With every other workout, there’s a point where your body forces you to quit. With the rip:60™ Trainer, you simply move your feet, change your angle, and you can do more without losing form.

What equipment do I need?

To complete a rip:60™ workout you will need the rip:60™ Straps, a place to secure the straps, the workout DVDs and access to a TV with DVD player.

Can I workout without the DVDs?

The rip:60™ Trainer can be used in various settings. Once you have completed the rip:60™ workouts and learned the exercises, you can create your own workout encompassing reps of your favorite rip:60™ exercises.

How much space do I need when using rip:60™?

To complete all the exercises featured in the rip:60™ Trainer, you will need a space of 6 feet wide by 8 feet long. The rip:60™ Trainer needs to be secured from a height of at least 7 feet. However, these measurements may vary slightly depending on the user’s height and range of motion.

What kind of exercises are performed with rip:60™?

The unique design of the rip:60™ Trainer combines the weight-loss benefits of cardio exercises with the power-activating results of strength training exercises to deliver the most comprehensive results.

What will rip:60™ do for me?

With the rip:60™ Trainer, you’ll transform your body in less than 60 minutes a day for 60 days. You’ll not only lose weight and strengthen muscles, but you’ll increase flexibility, power, and endurance.

Is the nutrition plan necessary?

The rip:60™ Nutrition Guide was specifically designed to enhance your results. It provides the right kinds of nutrients needed as the workouts progress through the 8-week schedule. The workouts and nutrition guide correlate to increase overall performance. Although following the nutrition guide isn’t necessary, it will greatly improve your workout results.

What is included in the rip:60™ package?

The complete rip:60™ Trainer includes the rip:60™ Straps, 8 workout DVDs, 4 bonus workout DVDs, a 60-day nutrition guide, wall chart exercise guide and traveling bag.

What makes the rip:60™ Trainer different from the TRX System?

The rip:60™ Trainer features suspended rotation, unlike the TRX System. With suspended rotation, your body is forced to stabilize and balance throughout your workout so you engage more muscles and constantly target your core with every move. This innovative suspension engages the nervous system and trains the muscles in your body to work together, leading to more strength, power, and results.

What is rip:60™ made of?

The rip:60™ Trainer is constructed with commercial-grade woven nylon straps and soft, non-slip handles. It also incorporates aircraft-grade aluminum, a rotational device to increase the user’s range of motion. The rip:60™ Trainer is not a resistance band; to create intensity, it incorporates resistance through the user’s body weight and gravity.

Is there a weight limit for rip:60™?

The maximum weight capacity is 300 lbs. Although the rip:60™ Trainer may accommodate heavier weights, anything over 300 lbs will void the warranty.

Who is Jeremy Strom?

Jeremy Strom is the inventor of the rip:60™ Trainer. He has dedicated his life to teaching and training others about exercise. He travels the world to train the most elite fitness instructors about innovative techniques to enhance physical performance. With his extensive knowledge of fitness, combined with his global resources, Jeremy developed the rip:60™ Trainer, which is the most revolutionary exercise program in the home fitness industry.

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