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Rip 60 vs P90X: Which Is Best?

RIP60You have probably already seen the television commercials for P90X and some of the other high-intensity workout programs that are so popular today, but if you find yourself deciding between Rip 60 vs. P90X, then here is some information that you should know. These are both great workout programs, but the truth is for most people who are looking to really improve their overall athleticism and drop body fat, Rip 60 seems to be a better choice.

What Is Rip 60 All About?

Rip 60 is a 60-day program that will get you in the best shape of your life. It is designed to work over a period of eight weeks, with one day off each week. The first four weeks you focus on strength and endurance, and then the second four weeks you will work on power. The difference you will see in your body during this time will astound you.

Rip 60 vs. P90X: How Do They Compare?

The real reason why Rip 60 is so different is because it utilizes your body weight as resistance through the use of special straps. You can take these straps with you when you travel, take them to work, or use them in a park – basically anywhere you can hang them on to a secure point – and have a place to do your workout.

In addition to the straps, you get a large wall chart that shows you all of the exercises, twelve different DVDs, a 60-day nutritional guide, and a travel bag to put all of your stuff into.

What Are People Saying About Rip 60 vs. P90X?

When you read the reviews for this product, it becomes immediately clear that this is a much higher end program than P90X and once you learn the moves, you can take it anywhere. For that reason alone, the debate between Rip 60 vs. P90X is obviously leaning toward Rip 60, which has proven to work for many men and women.

“I decided to take the Rip 60 Challenge because I wanted to change my life. The results have been nothing short of amazing and I tell everyone about this program.” – George, NY (Testimony from company website)

“A friend of mine told me about this and I could see that it was working for her. My body has completely changed in just a few weeks. I can’t believe it!” – Elaine, MD (Testimony from company website)

Where Can You Get the Best Deal on Rip 60?

If you have been looking for Rip 60 in stores, then you should know that at this time, it is sold online from the amazon website. However, the benefit of buying a product like this online is that not only can you pay for it in separate payments, but you will also get a full 60-day money back guarantee, too. So, if you aren’t quite sure if it is for you or not, this is a great opportunity to try it out at no risk.

Is This Something That You Should Try?

It seems that when it comes to Rip 60 vs. P90X, there are some similarities, but many people are actually getting much better results out of Rip 60. This program is designed to get you the results you want in 60 days instead of 90 days, and you get one entire day off per week, which makes it ideal for people who want to get at least a little rest. Basically, if you are looking for a program that will really get you into extreme athletic shape quickly, then this is it.

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