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Resistance Training Exercises Suitable For All

We all know the feeling of tiredness after a long day at work – the last thing we want to do is a workout and burn off even more of what energy we have left.

Many people share this outlook when they are feeling exhausted, but this is actually self-defeating to a point. What do I mean? Well, dealing with stress is a highly important part of maintaining our health, and if you ever suffer from a short temper, headaches or other symptoms of stress this is especially true.

By partaking in some exercise, no matter how strenuous or gentle, you can relieve stress, improve fitness and maybe even lose weight! Of course, not everyone can spare the time or money to join a gym and stop off on their way home, so we’ll look at an alternative – resistance training exercises.

Resistance training is a great choice for home exercise, simple because you don’t need expensive equipment and huge amounts of room to work out. These resistance training exercises are carried out with a variety of inexpensive pieces of equipment, for example, dumbbells and resistance bands. You can also invest in more equipment including kettle bells and Swiss balls, but this is not necessary to get started.

Try some of the following exercises in resistance training that are simple to get the hang of and can easily to used in the comfort of your own home:

Workouts For Your Back

The variety of resistance training exercises for strengthening and exercising the back muscles tend to use light weights. A good place to start is bent over rows, and to add to this, pull down’s are usually good for the back muscles.

Specifically, these resistance training exercises will be homing in on developing upper and central muscles in the back, such as the latissimus dorsi. A bent over row can also be carried out on a Swiss ball if available.

An ability to maintain a strong sense of balance is the trick to lifting weights on a Swiss ball. Try contracting the shoulder blades inward and keeping a straight back to get the best effect.

Biceps Curls

Many people use a Swiss ball for this exercise, however, it is not essential – you can choose a different item to sit on. Make sure your feet stay flat on the floor at all times.

Hold out the dumbbells in front of your knees in line with your thighs. Then, gradually lift the weight to your chest from the elbow. By tensing the biceps, you can maintain a steady control when lifting and lower the dumbbells between these positions.

Once this particular resistance training exercise becomes easier, try a gradual increase in weight.

Exercises For Chest Muscles

Just making use of a flat bench, you can use resistance exercises to work on chest muscles. Later you can switch to a Swiss ball in order to add a little more of a challenge to the exercise, but to begin with, the stability of a flat bench will help.

Lie down and face the ceiling. From a position just above your chest, lift the dumbbells vertically into the air until your arms are almost, but not quite straight.

In other words, retain a slight bend in the elbows. Repetitions of this action will help you to work on your triceps and your chest muscle groups.

Perform this workout twice a week to begin with to get used to the exercises. Don’t be surprised if, to begin with, you feel aching muscles in the days after a workout, this will soon fade.

Once you are comfortable to do so, add a third day, and increase over time to a maximum of five days per week. You should always give your body a break for at least two days per week, so if you wish to work harder, make each session a little longer.

Remember, that longer sessions can result in muscle growth, so if you are looking to tone rather than bulk up, the length of a session should not be overdone.

No results are irreversible, so if you find unwanted muscle starts to form, cut back a little on the resistance training exercises workout. Most importantly, take action. You’ll find the end of day stress melts away, and your fitness improves in no time!

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