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Replace your home gym with a Fitness Tube system

It’s pretty easy to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on a home gym system. Think of the TV commercials you might have seen for products like the Total Gym, Bow Flex, these systems can cost you upwards of $100 a month for a full year. What if there was a way to get the same workout, but for literally 1/10th the cost? You probably don’t believe me yet, but you can with the right fitness tube set and resistance training exercises.

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It’s all about Resistance

Big home gym systems like the Bow Flex system use resistance to create the weight you lift when working out. Exercise tubing does the exact same thing, by using different or more tubes when performing an exercise you are effectively lifting more or less weight, plus you’re working your muscle both ways since the resistance is constant not just when you’re lifting or pulling the weight.

Resistance training has long been a fantastic way to shape and tone your body. Professional body builders and athletes will use resistance tube workouts to supplement regular weight lifting to tone and sculpt muscles, because of the unique nature of the workout.

How does a fitness tube set replace a home gym?

The big benefit of a home gym is you don’t require a bunch of dumbbells, barbells, and benches around the house. You have one machine that you can use for a total body workout. In contrast, a fitness tube set (which can fit nicely in a small nylon carry case) can also provide the same type of full body workout.

How can you perform the same full body workout? Let’s just take a look.

Below is a picture of the BodyLastics Fitness tube set. It comes with several bands that vary in resistance, as well as several special attachments that allow you to easily perform the same exercises with the bands as you would on a machine.

BodyLastics resistance bands

For simple back and arm exercises, you place the resistance band under one or both of your feet and perform the exercise. Effectively having it under your foot means the fitness tube is fixed. Click here to learn more about workouts with Bodylastics.

Now the nifty additions with this set include the ankle attachment and the door brace. The ankle attachment allows you to perform a leg and lower body workout similar to that on a home gym machine. The door anchor allows you to fix the tubes to any door in your house, hotel, or anywhere there’s a door really and do back, tricep, and bicep workouts just as if you were using a machine at the gym.

The real surprise!

Ok, so you can see how you can perform all the same exercises with a fitness tube set that you can do with a home gym system, and the benefit of using resistance training. Now the real surprise, fitness tube sets like this can be bought for under $100 bucks. The Bodylastics system (which I use at home) comes in a variety of options but the basic fitness tube set is around $50. It’s well worth it and takes up no space so there is not extra clutter around the house. If you’re looking for a home gym alternative or were thinking of buying a big and bulky home gym don’t do it without checking out what Bodylastics has to offer.

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