Bands length 120cm


  • MUCH HEAVIER RESISTANCE-Resistance from 10 LBs to 30 LBs, bands can be used alone or stacked.
  • Heavier bands with max tension compared with similar workout bands.
  • The metal carabiners on the resistance strap enable to create the perfect challenge for every muscle group.
  • ANTI-SNAP DOUBLE PROTECTION – Build with high quality protective Nylon sleeve which prevents the resistance tube from being damaged, provide maximum resistance and give you the best fitness experience.
  • FITNESS ANYWHERE – Lots of potential for different workouts with these fitness and these exercise cords are perfect for exercise, fitness, Pilates, strength training.

Package included:

  • 5x Resistance Bands
  • 2x Handles
  • 2x Ankle Strap
  • 1x Door Anchor
  • 1x Carry Bag