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Pilates Resistance Bands

Pilates Resistance BandsA pilates resistance band also referred to as resistance bands, or flex bands, have always been used as a tool for stretching at rehabilitation facilities. Fairly recently, they have become the new staple in fitness equipment. Pilates exercise bands are a lightweight, very portable exercise solution that can be taken and used pretty much everywhere. They don’t have a lot of parts, and if you drop them on your toe you won’t end up in the emergency room. They provide a wide range of resistance as well. There are even special exercise routines including pilates that incorporate these wonderful pieces of equipment.

There are various styles of exercise bands. Some are much the same as surgical tubing and are most often used for regular workouts such as curls, or in strength training. A pilates resistance band is very different. It is flat rather than tubular and is mainly used for stretching and pilates mat exercises. These are almost always included in any pilates equipment recommendation. In pilates DVD’s, you will most often see the flat band type of tubing. Pilates also uses stability ball exercises or swiss balls as they are commonly called. Your pilates instructor will be able to tell you what equipment you need.

Although the expense of a pilates exercise band is small, there are a few things you should take into consideration:

Always buy a band that is longer than needed. You can cut it if need be, but too short a band will limit your range of motion. Purchase a band that is slightly taller than you, or find a bulk roll at your local fitness or medical supply store. Also, the majority of pilates exercise bands are made of latex, so if you are allergic to latex, find an alternative material. Exercise bands come in many different levels of resistance. You may find that you use different resistance for different exercises so if you can get a pack that has at least medium to heavy bands. Pilates resistance bands tend to be in this range. If tons of resistance is your game, then you may want to look at tubing instead, as they tend to offer higher resistance levels.

A pilates resistance band is a must for any pilates class whether it’s a home DVD course, or at the local gym. Be prepared and good luck finding the right pilates resistance bands for you.

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