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How To Use Exercise Resistance Bands

Think you need to lift piles of weights to get in shape? Not anymore! Snap out of the dumbbell lifting regime and get into resistance training mode to achieve even better results. The portable exercise resistance bands are even more effective as they not only focus on strength but improve balance as well.

In addition to it, your body is working in a full range of motion, so you target muscles that might be missed with dumbbells. Read on to know more about how to use exercise bands.


While many people swear by weights and how great they are for building muscles, resistance bands too cannot deny the same position. There are several advantages that exercise bands have to offer. The primary advantage they offer is in terms of their size and portability. Compared to free weights, they are lighter and can easily fit into your luggage. They also have the mechanical advantage over free weights. Many free weights focus only on a particular body part when you lift them but exercise bands put resistance on the entire body. By using exercise bands for training, you achieve better range of motion as both the concentric and eccentric parts of exercise are under resistance.


Trying to figure out the right way to use an exercise band can often be confusing. But bear in mind that they can practically do the same exercises with them as you perform with free weights. The only difference lies in the positioning of the band. For example, if you want to perform bicep curls or overhead presses, you can stand on the band and grip the handles. You can wrap or attach it to a pole for shoulder rotations while triceps pushdowns and pull downs can be performed by attaching these bands to a door. The possibilities are endless when it comes to exercising with resistance bands.

When it comes to using the right exercise band, various factors should be kept in mind. You should keep in mind the kind of exercise you want to perform and the strength of resistance. While performing exercises, the band should be held in a manner that it offers maximum resistance even at the bottom of the exercise. These stretchy bands can be utilized efficiently to get the maximum output. Here’s is a guide on using the exercise bands in a correct manner.
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  • Choose the Right Weight

    It is important that you choose the right band. You can start with a medium-weight resistance band and to alter the resistance, you can fold it lengthwise or shorten it by holding it closer to the anchor. You can also make things easier by attaching one end to the anchor point and holding the other in your hand.

  • Anchor it Correctly

    Certain exercises require you to place one end of the band at a sturdy place. You might need a high anchor or a low anchor depending upon the exercise requirements. You can use furniture to secure the loop or for anchoring. But before you can begin to ensure that the band is taut.

  • Combine With Dumbbells

    A great way to make your workout more effective is to combine resistance bands and dumbbells. The easiest method is to hold dumbbell and resistance band together in one or both hands. Take the band around the middle of the dumbbell if you want a better grip.

  • Use Proper Technique

    Don’t go overboard even with resistance bands. Practice control to get maximum toning and avoid nay injury. Don’t release the band with a snap once you have reached the top of the move. Always pause and then release slowly while resisting against its pull.


As with other exercise routines, resistance bands will stimulate muscle growth and help strengthen them. But at the same time, they will also provide a full range of motion. This, in turn, increases flexibility and muscle stimulation. Resistance bands can elongate and strengthen muscle fibers and increase body flexibility to a great extent. They allow more controlled movements and keep constant tension on the muscles. With recommended periods of rest in between exercise sets, you can expect your endurance and stamina to shoot up. There are other benefits of course, such as:


While on the move, a great way to not miss out on your workout is to pack resistance bands. They are lightweight and do not take up a lot of space. Pack them in your suitcase for travel and use them in the car, hotel room or on the go. Never compromise on fitness ever again!


As the movements cause tension throughout the body, you have to keep it stable. This boosts coordination and balance and involves more muscle groups.

Add Variety

With free weights, you are limited to choose from only some exercises. But resistance bands allow you to change your position in various ways. This goes a long way in ensuring overall fitness and how you workout feels.


Another factor to consider if you are still using free weights. They are inexpensive and depending on where you buy them and how many of them, you can get yourself a deal. So stay fit without compromising on your budget.

Great for All Fitness Levels

Provided you use them correctly, resistance bands can do wonders for beginners as well as advanced exercisers. You can even add intensity to basic and traditional moves to up your fitness regime.


It can be quite a task to choose the right resistance band for your workout. A band’s resistance actually increases at the end of a move, so your choice will not only be determined by your fitness level but also by the kind of exercise you are about to perform. Choose a band heavy enough that can provide enough resistance at the beginning of the exercise but also lets you move in a correct posture throughout the entire motion. Invest in a light, medium and heavy band so that you can target different muscle groups and various resistance levels.

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