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Get Serious – Check Out How Effective Exercise Band Workouts Are

Exercise band workouts may not yet be the most popular form of exercise on the block but they are rapidly growing in popularity. In this article, we will consider why they are so effective and who can benefit from them.

What exactly are exercise bands?

Sometimes known as resistance bands they are super-strong, fully portable and will offer you a complete workout wherever you are.

What exactly are exercise bands?

What are some of the advantages of this form of exercise?

Increased coordination

You will find that when exercising there is tension throughout your workout. This means you must stabilize your body. This stabilization helps balance and coordination which in turn means you must involve more muscle groups.


Anyone who regularly works with weights will know that there is a limit to how many exercises you can do. Because resistance bands allow you to change positions in multiple ways you are never short of variety in your workout.

With regular use, you will also find this changes how your body works, and how it reacts to these different exercises.

All fitness levels

As long as you use exercise bands in the correct way they are ideal for beginners all the way through to the more advanced workout specialists. One of the many joys is that you can use them for basic moves or when adding intensity to traditional exercises.


The amount of exercise band workouts you can achieve with one set is quite astonishing. You can work every muscle group you want to; abs, back, legs, chest, arms, and shoulders can all be worked on effectively. A total workout is also very achievable.

A number of different exercises you can do is limited only by your imagination!

Fully portable

You can pack them in your suitcase if you are traveling and exercise in your hotel room or even in the car. This means you need never miss a workout again.


Most of you will fully understand the strain a gym membership or purchase of home gym equipment puts on your wallet. Exercise bands are exactly the opposite. They are extremely cost effective and when you choose a top quality set they will last you a long time.

When choosing choose the best!

While there may be a variety of choices out there the market leader is Bodylastics. This company has a proven track record when it comes to quality, design, and guarantees.

Their customer service is also second to none. You even get access to a dedicated on-line workout channel which offers more than 1,850 full-length exercises to sink your teeth into.

These instructional videos offer explicit instructions of exactly how you should carry out the specific exercises and allows you to workout with them. Simply choose the muscle group you want to work on, select an exercise and get moving!

Stay fit, stay healthy!

With the ever increasing demands placed on our time, exercise band workouts are the perfect way to exercising effectively and just as importantly; when it suits you!

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