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Exercise resistance bands are the ultimate portable workout equipment

How does the exercise resistance bands work?

BodyLastics resistance bands setFinding an inexpensive home gym is tough. Especially one that works well, and provides the workout you’re looking for. Exercise resistance bands are a unique piece of fitness equipment that are inexpensive, portable, and easy to use. With the right accessories, your exercise bands can become a full-fledged home gym that works just as well as any free weights or machine without taking up space.

Exercise bands use resistance to emulate weights that you would use in a gym. There are varying degrees of resistance, some kits actually label the differences in resistance in pounds relating each band to the equivalent free weight.

Benefits of Using Exercise Bands rather than Free Weights or Machines

When you use free weights to work out your muscles only receive resistance during one-half of the motion. Gravity works against you when trying to push or pulls the weights (depending on the exercise). In contrast, when you’re using exercise resistance bands your muscle fibers receive resistance during the entire exercise.

This resistance can take some time to get used to but it’s the ultimate in toning, firming and sculpting your muscles.

With Resistance Band Exercises you can do

You can do the same routines with exercise resistance bands as you can with other types of gym equipment. There are actually some unique exercises you can only do with a fitness tube set.

You can re-create as many as 140 exercises you’d do in the gym right at home by utilizing a simple add on to your resistance band kit. A door anchor allows you to connect your exercise band to any door in your home this allows you to emulate many of the exercises you would do on expensive equipment at your local health club.

Taking Exercise Resistance Bands on the road

Going on the road for work? Or maybe on vacation, your exercise band home gym fits nicely into your suitcase or carry-on and can be used anywhere you are. Indoors or outdoors, at a campground or hotel, exercise resistance bands are the perfect portable piece of exercise equipment.

Where to find Exercise Resistance Bands

Most local fitness stores and some sports stores should sell individual exercise resistance bands. Also online there are several options from online fitness stores. The best exercise resistance bands set is BodyLastics, it comes with 4 different resistance bands, ankle straps, and a door anchor. It’s a complete exercise band set available and it costs about the same as a one-month membership to the gym.

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