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DIY Resistance Training Exercises For Anyone

After a hard day’s work, people from all over the world go home to eat , relax and be with their loved ones before sleeping, exercise seems the least concern. This is but a common reaction to fatigue, however, there are individuals who deal with stress by doing some exercises that really helps them. Unfortunately, not all people have free time to hit the gym especially when it’s already late. Because of this, resistance training exercises are the best option since it needs few equipment and use less space. Resistance training exercises requires only a few pieces of equipments like: light dumbbells, resistance bands, medicine ball, swiss ball or even kettlebells. Resistance training exercises are also viable for people who only have a small area where they can do some simple exercises. Try some of these resistance training exercises that are easy to do:

1. Chest Exercises

Chest exercises are easy to do by using a flat bench or just a swiss ball. The swiss ball can be more challenging but they train your body to handle instability. You can also use a flat bench for more stability, just lie down and lift dumbbells from your chest. Hold each dumbbell firmly and slowly raise them off your chest. Always bend your elbows a little bit ,but always keep your arms straight whilst lifting weights. Resistance training exercises like this target your chest as well as your triceps.

2. Back Exercises

There are many kinds of resistance training exercises that focus on the back using swiss ball or light weights. Bent over rows and pull down’s are considered good for the back. These resistance training exercises are mainly focused on developing upper and middle back muscles specifically latissimus dorsi and rhomboids. The bent over row can also be performed on a swiss ball. The key to lifting weights on a swiss ball is maintaining balance. Keep a straight back and contract shoulder blades inward.

3. Biceps Curls

If you want to do this on a swiss ball, sit down while keeping your feet planted on the floor. Place the dumbbells in front of your thighs, and slowly bend your elbows to lift towards your chest. Contract your biceps strongly at the start of the movement, lower the weights back down and do again. Try various weights if necessary.

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