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Bodylastics Workout Bands Benefits

Bodylastics has advantages over health clubs, large expensive home gyms and of course other workout bands on the market.

Bodylastics has an impressive track record. Its design is similar to the one currently used by hospitals and clinics for physical rehabilitation. Throughout history, it has been scientifically proven that the only way to change the shape of a muscle and make it stronger is to lengthen and shorten it against resistance. This applies to general fitness, athletes, and rehabilitation. The thing that makes the Bodylastics workout bands system so wonderful, is how similar it is to use weights or machines.

For the average cost of one personal training session or one night out on the town, you can have the amazing home or travel gym that not only works every part of your body but also packs away easily in a one square foot travel bag. Resistance training should be affordable and within the reach of everyone. We believe that!

The advantage of the Bodylastics workout bands system is that you can use a number of different bands. Therefore you can create the right amount of resistance for every level of strength. Our unique clip system allows the user to vary the resistance in a snap so each muscle group can get the maximum workout without feeling overloaded or under worked. And Bodylastics is complete! — one product — one price — all strength levels. We encourage everyone to compare us to the competition. Children, teenagers, baby boomers, the elderly, men, women, athletes, models…This product works for every BODY!

This workout bands system is truly portable. It weighs under 2lbs. (TWO POUNDS)! It can be carried absolutely anywhere!  This mighty mite is perfect for the traveler who wants their health club quality exercises without going to a health club (that’s time-consuming, getting ready, driving, parking, signing in, getting a locker, working out, waiting in line, then trying to get back to your hotel or home again…) Bodylastics enables you to workout right in your room…Problem solved!

User Friendly
Workout bands are arguably the most simple form of an exercise machine. You don’t have to be Charles Atlas, Arnold Schwartzenegger, or have a Ph.D. to understand how to use them. Luckily, there aren’t any lengthy setup instructions or pieces to assemble. This means that you could be up and exercise in only minutes.

No more clanging and banging! Bodylastics is clean quiet resistance. It does not make any noise – none. The only noise that you will hear when you use the product is your own struggling and breathing. What does that mean in real life? That means that Bodylastics is perfect for the new mother or father that does not want to wake the child. It is perfect if you live in an apartment – you won’t disturb the neighbors. Even better, if you like to exercise in front of the television, you will actually be able to hear it!

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