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Best TRX Straps Workouts

Whether you are looking to tone those arms, trying to get rid of flab or strengthen your arms, TRX straps can come in handy. More and more people are increasingly turning to TRX straps to achieve full body strength training as well as tone up and cut down on flab. The fact that TRX straps are easy to use, inexpensive and extremely versatile is making them popular training equipment.

You can easily call them the most cost effective training equipment that can provide a full body workout. So try them out in the gym or pack them in your travel bag, when on the go. TRX straps are great choices if you are pressed for time, space or money.  Here are some of the best TRX straps workouts you should try for a full body workup.

So grab your TRX straps and get moving with these TRX straps workouts!


ABDOMINAL CRUNCHThis exercise is great for your abdomen and your go-to workout for six-pack abs.

  • Loop the middle of the exercise strap around an immovable object such as a heavy couch leg or door.
  • Attain the regular crunch position with your arms right above your head grabbing the handles of the strap.
  • Slowly crunch up while keeping your arms straight. Hold it for a few seconds and then get back to starting position.
  • Perform 3 sets of 15 reps each.

This exercise can also be performed by kneeling or sitting down or standing up but the TRX band should be tied to a heavier and higher frame such as a door anchor.


CHEST PRESSPerform chest presses to attain that perfect chest!

  • Attach the TRX strap to a door anchor while ensuring that you have enough room to move around.
  • Grab both the handles of the TRX strap and make sure your back faces the door. Stand at a distance from the door so that the straps are slightly stretched.
  • Now bring your arms forward in a manner that straightens your elbows and keep your knuckles pointing up.
  • Bring your arms to the starting position. This completes one rep.
  • Perform 3 sets of 20 reps each.


A great way to strengthen your hamstrings and butt!

  • Stand in the middle of TRX strap with your feet together. Tip forward at the hips and move your torso forward while pressing your buttocks backward.Stop when your torso is approximately parallel to the ground.
  • Grab hold of the handles of the TRX strap in each hand and pull the strap tight in front of your shins. Now using your butt and hamstrings, pull yourself to a standing position while keeping the tight. While you are doing this, pull the strap taut in front of your legs.
  • Reverse the movement and get back to original position. This completes one rep.
  • Perform two sets of 15 reps each.


CHIN UPSThis is the great workout for your chest.

  • Using a door anchor, mount your TRX strap on top of a door.
  • Attach each end onto handles and grab both the handles but not very tightly so that your bicep muscles are not involved.
  • Get on your right knee with left foot bent forward.
  • Now pull down on the handles while keeping your palms facing up and keeping the chest up.
  • Repeat the same on another leg to complete one rep.
  • Perform two sets of 15 reps each.


Give the old pushups a makeover with TRX straps.

  • Grab both the handles of the TRX strap in such a manner that the middle of the strap is on your back and your hands are in front of you. The TRX strap should be under your armpits.
  • While holding the handles of the exercise straps, get into a push-up position. The TRX strap should feel very tight at the lowest point of the pushup.
  • Now push yourself up until your arms are at full extension and then slowly move back to starting position. This completes your one rep.
  • Perform two sets of 20 reps each.


Tone up your hamstrings with leg curls and TRX straps.

  • Keep your hands and knees on the floor and loop the TRX strap around one foot while gripping both the handles in each hand which should be exactly below your shoulders.
  • Now press and extend the same leg backward that was supporting the exercise strap. Keep stretching until your leg is fully extended.
  • While doing this, the thigh should be kept fixed. Now bend the knee towards your butt which allows the TRX strap to loosen up slightly. Now turn the movement around and press your leg against resistance from the strap.
  • Perform 15 reps before switching to another leg. Complete two sets on each leg.


Get those super toned arms with these quick and easy moves.

  • Using a door anchor or a stationary frame, secure the TRX strap at chest height on a door.
  • Stand sideways from the door and hold the handle of the TRX strap but ensure that it is completely straightened.
  • Now in a sweeping motion bring one arm towards the center of your body. Make sure that the arm extends directly in front of you.
  • Get back to starting position. Repeat and then switch sides.
  • You can also use the opposite arm to extend the strap across your body or increase strap weight and then use two arms instead of one.


One thing you must realize before beginning to train with these exercise straps is that strength training with them is unlike using dumbbells or any other weighted equipment.Most strength training equipment has a set load that you must lift and lower throughout the motion. But TRX straps are different in this aspect. Their resistance varies throughout the range of the motion. As you move to the top of the exercise, TRX strap is fully stretched and exerts maximum resistance and reduces when you move down. This feature makes them excellent training straps for people recovering from injuries, beginners or the ones learning a new exercise.

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