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Benefits Of Resistance Training

As the famous saying goes, ‘in every situation, there are two sides of the coin’. We discuss many of the benefits of resistance training in this article to demystify some of the myths:

Amplify Bone Mineral Density

Bones regularly remodel and repair themselves, which means the tissues break down, and build up simultaneously. Puberty is the stage where the peak of the remodeling and repairing phase takes place.

On the other hand, as individual ages, the bone mineral density lessens as the remodeling and repairing process fades. Hormones and stress are known to contribute to the maintenance of bone mineral density.

Therefore, to address this problem, physical stress training is a good exercise routine to undertake. Resistance training is considered to be a physical activity that can apply adequate stress on the bones to stimulate repair and increase bone mineral density to a higher level.

The Boosting of Strength and Power

Resistance training can also make the muscles stronger and more powerful as the workouts continue over time.

The stamina of an individual with a properly tailored plan of resistance exercises can also improve through the regular sessions and continually reviewed workout plans.

Enhance the Range of Activities and Movements

This is one of the key benefits of resistance training. As the person working on their body’s strength is training to carry out strenuous and potentially difficult activities, over time the body finds it easier to carry out that particular exercise.

There will be a snowball effect (sometimes called a synergy effect) between the lifestyle and daily activities of an individual.

Once this synergy becomes naturally integrated into a daily routine, more exercises can be undertaken, and the resulting effect of the range of resistance training exercises can be significantly greater.

Developing and Restoring Independency

Resistance training programs can increase the self-worth and independence of the elderly in their daily lives.

Because of the simple training exercises being undertaken, the participant can choose to utilize simple exercises like squeezing a ball without relying on other people.

Slowly this will increase the strength of the muscles being used, as well as the bones associated with the area feeling the exertion.

Of course, with older people wishing to take up even the most moderate of resistance training, it is important to seek professional medical advice before commencing exercises to minimize the risk of injury.

Lessen the Body Fat

Everything we do in life requires that energy is used to complete the task at hand. For this reason, more fat can be broken up and calories used for each minute of the activity.

In fact even sat resting we are using energy, simply at a much lower level that when working out. The calorie and fat burning benefit of resistance training will result in a fitter and toned body, along with a heightened level of fitness.

Improved cardiovascular system

Regular participation in any exercise including resistance training can improve a person’s health by developing a lower resting heart rate and blood pressure after the workout.

Therefore, there are a number of health benefits, not least the risk of heart attacks and problems being reduced.

There are three types of resistance training available to you to incorporate into a workout. These areas are isotonic, isometric and isokinetic exercises.

Even though these three resistance training exercise types have a different meaning, their benefits are entirely the same.

In order to get the maximum effect and be sure of your own safety, this type of training should always be performed properly, which will require the exercises to be learned and repeated with discipline and consistency on a regular basis.

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